Victoria Moore

Moore.Thistle Ring s.jpg

My childhood was full of making little things and always carrying some project with me to work on. I still do this, always with some object in progress. It is easy for me to define myself as a maker and builder of things. I received a BA in sculpture from the University of Maryland in 1991, and an MFA concentrating in metalsmithing from Rochester Institute of Technology's School for American Craft in 1996. After graduate school, I began my business with utensils and vessels made of the patterned metal that I still work. Now I feel drawn to the intimacy of the little forms of which jewelry is made, and a structural freedom in working on this scale in relation to the human form. Working with this uniquely patterned steel coupled with radiating gold has been genuinely exciting. I enjoy the closeness I feel with each piece that comes from my studio, the complete creation of metal that I have made.