Thomas Turner

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Jewelry is a wonderful mix of art, mechanics and problem solving. Putting all three of these elements together and giving it a big stir is what really moves me. To create the art of jewelry, you have to problem solve - the visuals, the mechanics, the "how do I make this?” It is an emotional, visual, and intellectual challenge.

This is unique fabricated wearable jewelry art. I make pieces out of precious and semi-precious materials. I choose to work with these materials in a non-precious manner. It gives the pieces a sense of fun that belies the value of their ingredients. I have a good time making the pieces; you should have a good time wearing them.

I have been a practicing jewelry artist for over 40 years now (THAT even surprises me!!). Throughout my career I have had been fortunate enough to make beautiful pieces for people all over the country. My work is known for its design, craftsmanship and use of fine materials. I think of a piece of jewelry as art. When I approach making the piece, I emotionally disregard the value of the material, because at that point, it is just material. This disregard for the thought of the value of what I am working with allows me to make a piece that is fun. It should feel fun, it should look fun and it should be fun to wear. If that is the case, then I have done what I set out to accomplish. Now to be a piece of fine jewelry, which all of my pieces are, requires that it be designed and constructed in a manner that will encourage years and years of wear. It isn’t an easy life for a piece of jewelry. I make my pieces so that they can live that life.