Thomas Mann


"We're immersed in an age of ever-expanding information and technology and it's sometimes hard to remember that we're human. Techno.Romantic™ jewelry objects are everyday talismans that talk about our connection to and separation from that technology."    Thomas Mann 

Thomas Mann, an icon of the American Craft Jewelry movement, a full-time practicing professional artist for over 45 years, describes himself as an artist working in the medium of jewelry and sculpture. He works with a variety of metals, thinking of them as painters think of their palettes — each metal having its own color and luster. Inspired by parts from machines, electronic instruments, costume jewelry, and old postcards & photos, Mann’s recurring but always changing parts give his work its storytelling quality and theatricality. He calls this design vocabulary, which combines industrial aesthetics and materials with evocative themes and romantic imagery, "Techno-Romantic".

Thomas Mann developed Techno.Romantic after years of experimenting with the idea of incorporating 20th-century collage and assemblage techniques into jewelry making — Attempting to humanize technology and provide raw material and inspiration for our imaginations.

Thomas Mann lives and works in New Orleans where he oversees a jewelry design and production studio, a sculpture studio, a gallery and most recently a teaching space.