Tai & Tiara Kim


I commune with and am inspired by nature. As an observer, I am fascinated by the harmony and ever-changing interaction in nature. I integrate shapes and images of nature but not limited to the universe, plants, algae and minerals. I mostly work with different kinds of metals to reflect the images inspired by nature’s forms and colors. By incorporating and adding my imagination to nature’s vitality, I am able to create new ‘life’ with another image in my work. In the process of making my work, I pound, dissolve and combine metals to represent its characteristics and texture as much as possible. In the form of my work I pursed to embody its most natural form. I mostly use precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver for my works. But I also use many other materials like iron, meteorites, gems, and precious stones. I use a variety of materials rather than focusing on the use of limited materials to fully express and form my works.