Linda Kindler Priest


My works are small sculptures that can be worn. 

Nature has been the basis of my work. I am amazed with the grace, agility, and the strength of the birds, flowers, animals, and fish that I use. I try to capture the essence of each living thing in metal. This is then combined with minerals, crystals, and precious stones to create an environment or statement about that particular life form. 

The images are sculpted directly into metal in relief form with a very ancient technique called repoussage. It is a slow process to develop the form, but I have found that a bit of me becomes embedded into each sculpture because of this. 

Color from stones has become extremely important in my work. I want to use color as a painter uses color, to express something. I hunt down stones and crystals to find something that will precisely fit a particular thought, to give strength or enhance motion or to imply a natural setting. I cut stones so that I can achieve just the right size and shape that work with each individual piece. In my 2 part brooches, the stone part of the brooch becomes an abstract expression about the repousse piece. Doing my own lapidary work also has allowed me a greater interaction between the sculpted metal and stones. 

My small sculptures are a balance between the imagery, materials, and color. They are art in the truest sense, which can be worn.