Frances Kite and Aaron Macsai

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Frances Kite: My passion for making jewelry began while I was a small child with dandelion bracelets and seed necklaces as I learned from my mother to look at the world around me and to imagine. I continue to be inspired by the peacefulness and lyrical sense of movement I find in nature, falling leaves along a path, a burst of color, an edge of texture. I have chosen gold and silver with enamel as a primary vehicle of expression for the depth of colors with textures with which I can create a layering effect that draws you into a piece and may allude to a lily pond or stream, the movement of birds, the grass blowing in the wind. My hope with my jewelry designs is to create a sense of well-being, peace, beauty and happiness that the wearer will feel.

Aaron Macsai:I began making jewelry in 1968, when I was 13 and broke my leg two years in a row playing soccer. I needed something to do with my hands and I discovered the world of jewelry. It has been my true passion ever since. I like the hands-on approach of manipulating metal and the precision it requires. Mastering old techniques and learning new ones has been a dedicated, lifelong process of growth. I primarily use 18K gold because of the soft and subtle colors I can create, especially if I alloy it myself. I am also fascinated by marriage-of-metal and I have spent most of my career developing and refining what I call, “Pattern metal”. It is a process of combining cross section slices of the patterns I create in silver and copper with elements of 18K gold. Recently in the Gold and Gemstone bead necklaces, I have been having fun playing with the vibrant colors of the faceted gemstone beads.

Frances and Aaron Together: We knew each other as friends and colleagues for over 30 years before we became a couple. We would see each other at the various shows around the country and were always drawn to each others work.

When we ‘re-met’ as single people eight years ago, we began sharing a life and studio, and made that bond permanent with our marriage.  The greatest challenge and pleasure we find together is continuing to stay true to our creative individuality.  Ironically, the boundaries we keep allow us to continue to grow closer.  Our jewelry reflects our passion.  Our collaborative process has deep roots in our shared creative vision.

Most of the time we are like little kids in the studio, dedicated to exploring new jewelry with a sacred respect for fine craftsmanship.  Our goal is to create jewelry that is designed to be extremely wearable with a quiet and timeless elegance.

We are also dedicated to the amazing patrons we have met at the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show.  It is an environment that allows us to spend time with clients and therefore develop closer relationships with them.  It is an honor to be part of this show.