Frances Kite and Aaron Macsai


Frances Kite: My passion for making jewelry began while I was a small child with dandelion bracelets and seed necklaces as I learned from my mother to look at the world around me and to imagine. I continue to be inspired by the peacefulness and lyrical sense of movement I find in nature, falling leaves along a path, a burst of color, an edge of texture. I have chosen gold and silver with enamel as a primary vehicle of expression for the depth of colors with textures with which I can create a layering effect that draws you into a piece and may allude to a lily pond or stream, the movement of birds, the grass blowing in the wind. My hope with my jewelry designs is to create a sense of well-being, peace, beauty and happiness that the wearer will feel.

Aaron Macsai:I began making jewelry in 1968, when I was 13 and broke my leg two years in a row playing soccer. I needed something to do with my hands and I discovered the world of jewelry. It has been my true passion ever since. I like the hands-on approach of manipulating metal and the precision it requires. Mastering old techniques and learning new ones has been a dedicated, lifelong process of growth. I primarily use 18K gold because of the soft and subtle colors I can create, especially if I alloy it myself. I am also fascinated by marriage-of-metal and I have spent most of my career developing and refining what I call, “Pattern metal”. It is a process of combining cross section slices of the patterns I create in silver and copper with elements of 18K gold. Recently in the Gold and Gemstone bead necklaces, I have been having fun playing with the vibrant colors of the faceted gemstone beads.

Frances and Aaron Together: In the last few years we have made a commitment to live the dream of sharing a life and studio. The end result is new work, both collaboratively and individually, that reflects our joy and happiness. It is jewelry that is filled with a positive energy, with fluid lines and color combinations that are vivid and elegant. Our goal is to create jewelry that is extremely wearable and timeless, with a signature quality that is visually happy. We want the wearer to feel the piece they buy is the perfect addition to their life. We don’t want it too loud - quiet elegance is just fine.