Carla Pennie McBride


I am drawn to both traditional and contemporary techniques in jewelry making.  I love to experiment and push the boundaries of the material.  In my most recent work, I am drawn to the nebulous, yet static qualities of plastic resin. I freeze pieces of silver, traces of paper, leaves of gold and other minuscule fragments, capturing their essence in time. In the resin’s viscous state I attempt to arrange these objects to create a balance of line and form.  Once the resin is set, I often rework the surface to expose the embedded object while leaving the resin semi-translucent. No matter how much preparation and planning is given to the craft of resin jewelry, the maker is always subject to the whims and uncertainty of the chemistry and substance itself. Resin jewelry brings out the alchemist in me because it requires raw, unrelenting experimentation.

There are many things in my life that inspire and motivate me. Nature stirs my imagination.  I am both a collector of natural artifacts and an observer of the natural world, I seek to explore the beauty and delicacy of nature, translating the delicate patterns I see into the work I create.