Below you will find a list of the artists that will be presenting their work at this year's ACJS. Click their name or the thumbnail example of their work to view their artist profile.


Jacob Albee

Linda Bernasconi

Kristine Bolhuis

Michael Boyd

Lisa Cimino

Megan Clark

Kate Rothra Fleming

Mary Filapek and Lou Ann Townsend

Debra Lynn Gold

Leigh Griffin

Anne Havel

Valerie Hector

Carol and Jean-Pierre Hsu

Deb Karash

Frances Kite and Aaron Macsai

Tai & Tiara Kim

Michele Levett

Lee Marraccini

Carla Pennie McBride

Shana Kroiz

Victoria Moore

So Young Park

Linda Kindler Priest

Susan Mahlstedt

Jonathan Lee Rutledge

Beverly Tadeu

Donna Veverka

Laura Wood

Douglas Wunder