Anne Havel

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My work either expresses humor or makes a social, political, or environmental statement, while also balancing a color palette. The drawings, which are created with dental tools scratching through hardened liquid enamel, convey my ideas about the subject matter dominating my thoughts at the moment.

The world’s imperfections are reflected in much of my work-- circles or squares are not perfect. Edges are rough. Even nature, which is the closest anything comes to perfection, manifests its “perceived flaws” in the imperfect flower, the decaying tree bark, or the mold-ridden fence-post. All these beautiful “flaws” drive my work. 

My motivation is simple and pure — I want people to be moved by the balance of the lines and forms, but more importantly I hope the colors elicit a visceral, soul-stirring response. If that happens, my work is done.