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The Carter Center • 453 Freedom Parkway • Atlanta, GA 30307

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The Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show would like to thank our 2017 Friends and Partners for their loyal support.

  • Georgia Goldsmiths Guild
  • Society of North American Goldsmiths
  • Home Forge Remodeling
  • Atlanta Jewelry Show
  • Chastain Arts Center and Gallery
  • Cuong Ngu Oriental Martial Arts
  • The Carter Center
  • Aimee Jewelry and Fine Art Gallery
  • Pimsler Hoss

With thanks to our Artist Partners:

  • Heinrich Barbara Heinrich
  • Betty Helen Longhi Betty Helen Longhi
  • Hsu Studios Hsu Studios
  • Ben Dyer Ben Dyer
  • Linda Kindler Priest Linda Kindler Priest