Artist Profile: Mary Filapek & Lou Ann Townsend

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Artist Statement:
We collaboratively create jewelry in sterling silver, inlayed with polymer clay, and strung on semi-precious stones or stainless steel cables.  First, we create the metal framework for the pieces, either fabricating directly in sterling, or creating masters in wax or metal to be molded and cast.  Then we mix the colors for the polymer clay and inlay it into the metal framework.  The clay is then individually patterned using fabricated tools and found objects.  Finally, the pieces are stained to add contrast to the imprinted patterns.

All work is done by Mary and Lou Ann in our studio.  We do not use employees or assistants.

Chemistry, cellular structure, DNA, spirituality, the nature of reality and our planetary travels provide the primary inspiration for color, form and texture.  We are drawn to exploring the void in our work.  The void is the space between breathes/atoms.
    The patterns are inspired by the idea of language and layering of information.  Cuneiform, mud cloth painting, kanji, architectural drafting, and schematics are 'languages' that visually inspire us.


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